A Complete Guide To Choosing The Right Curtains For Your Home: Expectations vs. Reality

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A Complete Guide To Choosing The Right Curtains For Your Home: Expectations vs. Reality

A Complete Guide To Choosing The Right Curtains For Your Home

Imagine sleeping in on the weekend peacefully, dreaming of swimming in a heap of all your favorite snacks. You pick one up and are just about to take a big bite out of it when you’re suddenly blinded with a strong light, waking you up to face reality. But you were dreaming! How can you be blinded in a dream? It’s just how you start to look where that loud sound is coming from in your dream when your alarm rings! It’s the bright sunlight!

And that is why we have curtains! To save us from that kind of torture of having to wake up early on a Sunday morning just because the sun decided to glow a little too brightly. Not just that though! Curtains help accent the beauty of your rooms you spent time and energy on designing. And oh, it can also save you from the eyes of a creepy peeping Tom!

But how would you know which curtain would be the correct choice? No worries! Here is a guide for choosing the curtains best suited for you.

Types of Curtains to Match your Aesthetic

When decorating your room, you usually want to match the aesthetic of the entire room. That includes your curtains too! So, let’s first talk about the different types of curtains that can be suited for different types of rooms and aesthetics.

  1. Grommet Curtains

Grommet or eyelet curtains are the most common type of curtains you will come across. The open rings in the curtains allow you to draw the curtains with ease. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for bedrooms or places with regular use of curtains. They also have a simple and modern look, making sure to find a way to the rooms of most people. Though these are not usable with the pretty transverse rods, make sure to find a rod that is just as pleasing to the eye to match your curtains’ splendor!

  1. Rod Pocket Curtains

Rod Pocket Curtains aren’t fit for regular use, but they give off a real casual vibe. These curtains are more fitted for rooms that don’t need curtains to be drawn or closed regularly. They are made of lightweight fabrics, and they are good to be used with thin, tight-fitting rods. The top of this curtain is sewn together and may serve as a decoration for the room.

  1. Tab Top Curtains

Tab Top Curtains also have a casual style but go with both a modern and a retro look. The eyelets of these curtains are made of the same material as the curtain and the material is usually thick enough to block sunlight. Though not fit for regular drawing, the prominent loops of these curtains make them appear rather classy. The curtains are stylish and are perfect for home décor with a cottage or farmhouse theme.

  1. Blackout Curtains

These are the ideal curtains for people who dislike any kind of external interruptions when sleeping. Blackout curtains may be heavy and a bit difficult to draw and move around, but this heaviness comes from the opaque and heavyweight fabric, and foam lining. Those features help the curtains not only block out most of the light and noise but also provide thermal insulation, which is great news for anyone living in cold regions. They also provide you with the privacy you might have been on the verge of losing. They come in various colors, and you can choose the one that matches your room’s aesthetic.

  1. Café Curtains

Café curtains have a charm of their own. They usually have a translucent nature and control the amount of sunlight that should pass while protecting your privacy. Tie Top Curtains which are similar to Tab Top Curtains can also be used as a Café Curtain. Café curtains are mostly used in kitchens and can be customized based on the length of the windows. These curtains make any place that accommodates it more attractive with their cozy-looking pleats.

  1. Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains have a translucent nature and are usually paired with blinds or fancy curtains. They are a bit difficult to clean however they can be used both indoors and outdoors, and they also provide UV protection! Sheer curtains are usually of neutral colors with embroidery or foil print to match your wall colors and enhance the whole design.

  1. Pleated Curtains

There are a variety of pleated curtains you can choose from. Each gives off a different feeling and is suited for different aesthetics. These are usually available with both light and heavy materials and come with versatile designs. Too many pleats make the curtain heavy however they have an elegant design, and they can also efficiently block sunlight.

Pinch Pleats: Pink Pleated Curtains have a traditional style and are the most popular among pleated curtains. The top of these curtains is pinched and stitched together, allowing the rest of the curtain to flow freely.

Box Pleats: These curtains have their fabrics folded into the design of a box and the pleats are uninterrupted throughout. They are stylish curtains that can be used in bedrooms, lounges, or dining rooms.

Goblet Pleats: The pleats of this curtain are reminiscent of a wine glass or goblet, hence its name. However, the pleats are very delicate and are not fit to be regularly drawn. They serve as a rather decorative item and can be seen in rooms with a formal setting and a high ceiling.

Pencil Pleats: Pencil pleats have a casual style and are fit for homes instead of any formal settings. As it is thin and has single pleats, it is easier to work with and can be matched along with various rods or hooks.

Cartridge Pleats: These curtains have pleats similar to goblet pleats however they aren’t folded on top and aren’t as delicate. They have single pleats with a wide space between them, making them great to be seen in kitchen windows and dining rooms.

Tuxedo Pleats: By the name itself you can tell it is a curtain that gives off an elegant feeling. The pleats of Tuxedo pleated curtains are sewn at the back of the drapes and are used with decorative curtains rods to accent its graceful appearance. These curtains are best suited for guest rooms as they serve as luxury curtains for home.

  1. Window Scarf

Window Scarf Curtains are as its name suggests, scarves. It is a single, long piece of fabric draped over the curtain rod. They are stylish and are suitable for TV rooms windows or living rooms. However, they don’t necessarily block sunlight and mostly act as a decorative piece at home.

You can find these curtains in various stores and there would be a lot more variety in stores. For example, Curtains in Jaipur can be said to have a lot of intricate designs within these styles. Though you can commonly find these styles everywhere, different places would have certain qualities of their own.

Important Tips on How to Choose Curtains

Curtains can surprisingly accent the features of a room in different ways based on the curtain used. However, choosing the perfect curtains can indeed be a hard task. There are a lot of other important factors that may affect your home’s design and you have to choose accordingly. Let’s look at some of these factors and understand how to choose the curtains that are best suited for your room.

  1. Hanging Equipment

There are various kinds of equipment used for hanging curtains out there. Curtain rods are the most common however we also have curtain tracks and hooks. Curtain rods usually serve as a decorative item when well matched with curtains and are suited for an aesthetic allure. They are popular for rooms with high ceilings and come in various sizes to be able to fit different types of windows. However, curtain tracks are used with decorative curtains to enhance their looks. They provide a smooth movement for curtains so are more suited for regular use. You should choose curtains matching your purpose with these types of equipment.

  1. Headings

Valets and pelmets can be used to hide the curtain rods or tracks while providing the curtain with a matching design. They can also create an illusion of height and provide a finished look. You can use them when using grommet curtains if you supposedly don’t have an equally decorative curtain rod.

  1. Picking the right material

You have to keep in mind how much sunlight you want streaming in and what your décor is like when choosing the material for your curtain. Cotton, linen, or rayon are usually suited for living rooms and are best for regular use. Silk, velvet, or brocade on the other hand give a lavish feeling and can serve as luxury curtains for home or formal setups.

  1. Ideal length

The length of your curtain doesn’t have to match the length of your window. You can use floor-length curtains to give your room a more polished look. Curtains that are longer than floor-length add luxury to the design of your room. The ones that float right about the floor are suitable for carpeted rooms with modern furniture. You should choose based on the look you want to achieve with these curtains.

The Takeaway

The purpose of using curtains decides the type of curtains you should buy. Different curtains pertain to different purposes and you should choose based on your needs. You may want to decorate the whole room with the help of curtains to enhance the décor. Or you may want to make the windows look taller or broader. You may also just use curtains to separate rooms instead.

Or you may just want the curtains to block out the sunlight. After all, you don’t want to have to wake up from a peaceful dream on a Sunday morning just because of some bright sunlight.