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Buy Designer Wallpaper in Jaipur From SVE Interior

Are you looking for decorative wallpaper in Jaipur? We are customized and designer wallpaper dealers in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India that offers best wallpapers, customized wallpapers to upgrade the look of your home. We have thousands of unique and inspiring designs of wallpapers available in various textures, colors, sizes and patterns to suit every taste.

Wallpaper for walls

A Wall covering does much more than covering a wall – it brings wall to life. It reveals a world of inspiration where design, materials and technique comes together to create stunning surfaces. A combination of botanical ethnical, plains, abstract geometric, damask and stripped wallpapers provide your home or workplace and an un-imaginary look.

Choose Designer wallpaper For Your Home 

Whether you want to live in a luxurious home or create a kid's room with your favorite cartoon, you're sure to find the perfect wallpaper for your bedroom.

Buy Wallpaper for Bed Room in Jaipur

Bed Room Wallpaper

Decorate your bedroom with stunning collection of designer wallpapers. Beautiful customized wallpaper design in Jaipur provides you relaxing environment with a sound sleep.

Buy Living Room Wallpaper in Jaipur from SVE Interior

Living Room wallpapers

Wallpaper with a gentle, delicate pattern in subtle colors makes for a delightful background to busy lives. Let your art, cushions, and furnishing make the room come to life and change them with the season! If you’re really at home, then make a statement and put your emotion on your walls. There are multiple varieties of wallpapers available to reflect your personality, so make a beautiful living room with designer wallpaper at the very best price.

Kids Room Wallpaper

Kids are special and so are their needs. Providing them private space at home is equally important as choosing good educational institutes for their studies. Our every wallpaper for kids will create exciting kids wallpaper ideas for your kids’ bedroom. You can create forests, solar systems, and playgrounds right on your walls.

Drawing Room Wallpaper

Imagine your drawing room, if your wall matches your sofa, designer table, carpets, curtains and compliment your artefacts. Wallpapers specifically designed for drawing room depicts your feelings and emotions towards your guest. Choose from widest range of wallpapers


Ethnic Wallpapers

If you want your house to look warm, traditional and homely then ethnic wallpapers are the best choice to express that feeling. Ethnic wallpaper includes everything starting from motifs, Paisley patterns, floral prints and folk art to stripes, festive prints, vintage designs and Oriental patterns. SVE Interiors has the best collection of ethnic wallpapers to choose from.

It's time for you to retire your boring walls with our customized wallpaper service in Jaipur

If you are looking for home furnishing company that provides customized wallpaper in Jaipur.

Give your bedroom new life with our customized wallpaper collection. With the sleek, modern designs of these wallpaper, you'll be decorating your room like a professional. There's no need to spend hours on Pinterest for ideas - we've everything you need right here! we provide customized wallpaper in Jaipur according to your wall measurement. Choose from the widest range.

Ready for a good night's sleep?

Do you have trouble sleeping? If so, we're here to help! Our customized wallpaper designs will make you feel like you can relax and sleep peacefully. Give our wallpaper collection a try and see the difference it can make in your bedroom.

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